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The Miller Compass 25 Tripod

Tripods | Saturday March 5 2011 1:46 am | Comments Off

I had two reasons to go to BVE in London one to work and one to get myself a new tripod. I looked at most of the affordable tripods at the show but I was looking for something a wee bit better as I felt that some of my productions lacked a less than lustre [...]

datavideo iPad Prompter for the AF101

Prompters | Saturday March 5 2011 1:43 am | Comments Off

Fortunately my recent visit to BVE in London I had been looking at suitable prompters for the AF101, Holdan had the datavideo iPad Prompter and after studying it for a while I could see the full potential of using it with the 101. Updated design feature : Delivered this morning from Holdan’s I started to [...]

Cineroid USER update

Viewfinders | Sunday February 27 2011 1:38 am | Comments Off

After using the AF101 at BVE in London for two days I decided to plum for a Cineroid and am I glad I did. Looking back at my 2 corporate jobs done with the AF101, I was a tad annoyed  with some of my footage, let me explain. The worst offender in bad footage is [...]

BeBob FOXI calibration for 14-140mm Lumix lens on an AF101

TechTalk Simplified | Monday February 7 2011 11:21 am | Comments (1)

Ok as many of you are now buying the AF101 and many of the accessories one that has caused a few of us some problems is the BeBob FOXI… the pull focus and Iris adjust that sits on your tripod handle. Firstly you do this at your own risk, I have done it without any [...]

Updated lens advice

Lenses | Sunday January 23 2011 1:25 am | Comments (2)

Only by using the AF101 can I now gauge the right type of lenses to use with this camera, if your goal is shallow depth of field then you must look at lenses with an ‘f’ stop of about f2 or less. This may seem extreme but unless you have the space to use a [...]

Glidetrack HD with the AF101

Glidetrack HD | Sunday January 16 2011 8:00 pm | Comments Off

I bought this slider from Alastair just over 2 years ago, then after selling the Sony EX-3 I no longer had a camcorder small enough to use this fabulous slider with so it has sat in a corner for well over a year. I gave Alastair a phone during the week and asked him if [...]

The bebob FOXI remote focus & iris control for the AF101

Remote Focus/Iris | Sunday January 16 2011 12:17 pm | Comments (3)

A lot of people will be fresh to owning a Panasonic camcorder and it’s a delight to report that the AF101 has retained the fantastic “CAMREMOTE FOCUS” socket on the back of the camera. I must give Andy Guest from Preston’s a credit for this one, he noticed the socket and had a “FOXI” remote [...]

Minima LED camera light with variable colour temperature

LED lighting | Friday January 14 2011 1:40 am | Comments Off

Just arrived is a cracking new LED camera light from Ianiro one of the major manufacturers of production lighting in the world. The special part about this light is firstly it runs off 6 AA batteries which I am told will run this wee light for a day. Secondly it has variable colour temperatures switching [...]

Cineroid EVF…Hands on Review

Viewfinders | Tuesday January 11 2011 8:43 pm | Comments Off

Having had a day to play with the Cineriod EVF with my AF101 what can I say…it’s the viewfinder you should expect to see on the AF101. This is a great addition to any camcorder that suffers small badly produced viewfinders which is most of the Panasonic and Sony handheld camcorders to date. Viewfinders are [...]

Genus Matte box & rails for the AF101

Matte Box | Tuesday January 11 2011 7:48 pm | Comments (3)

Genus listened to professionals to find out what they wanted in a matte box. Quality, versatility and price where the words we kept hearing, Genus has delivered the matte box you demanded. The Genus range of matte boxes are superbly engineered, versatile and at a realistic price point. Our matte boxes are now also available [...]

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